Teaching Girls How to Invest in their Futures

Caroline Busby, Rock the Street, Wall Street

Rock the Street, Wall Street works with high school-aged girls to equip them with the skills to succeed financially throughout their lives and to inspire them to potentially pursue careers in finance. Since the organization’s inception in 2013, more than 1,750 girls across 17 US cities have graduated from the year-long program featuring money management workshops and mentorships with female financial professionals. Learn more about the program and why we should all be working towards a world where women are financially literate, independent, and equally represented in the field of finance.

Intro to Design Sprints

Karen Feng, Google

A Design Sprint is a methodology used to solve problems by exploring and designing new ideas in a short period of time. It was developed at Google, but it can be used for

tackling challenges in any field, from product design to engineering, to user interface design and marketing. It's a great way to dive deep into a problem, understand the needs of the user, and engage creatively with your team. This workshop will introduce the basic framework of design sprints, and run through an example sprint with the group. This will be a participatory session. No technical background is necessary.

Intro to Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Bethany Dubois, D.E. Shaw Research

D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES) is a New York–based independent research laboratory that conducts scientific research in the field of computational biochemistry.  Our group is currently focusing primarily on long molecular dynamics (MD) simulations involving proteins and other biological macromolecules of potential interest from both a scientific and a pharmaceutical perspective.  An integral part of our effort consists of designing and developing custom hardware and software to carry out this research. We are also pursuing drug discovery programs, leveraging the insights enabled by our novel technologies, with an initial focus on drug targets that have proved resistant to traditional drug discovery methods. Join us for an overview of our research, led by Bethany Dubois.


Taylor Want, Upperline Code

Please note that this workshop requires that you bring a laptop or chromebook.

p5.js is one of the most powerful and beginner-friendly text-based introductions to code. With it, you can create animations, interactive digital art, and 2D-games that can be run right from your web browser. This workshop will give you the chance to build and play in a language that produces striking visual results in an hour even if you’ve never written a line of code before in your life.