Personal Branding

Blogger, influencer and model Alexis Fried will lead a workshop on personal branding, and share some of her personal experiences with branding.

Intro to HTML/CSS with Gooroo

Amelia Tang will lead a workshop introducing participants to HTML and CSS. She is a business analyst at Gooroo, an innovative education technology company based in New York.

Intro to Molecular Dynamics Simulation with D. E. Shaw Research

Two D. E. Shaw Research team members, Christine Yeh and Emma Jablonski, will co-present a workshop introducing the audience to molecular dynamics simulations, a computational biochemistry method that D. E. Shaw Research uses for studying proteins and other macromolecules that are of interest.

Virtual Reality with Upperline Code

Virtual reality is one of the fastest growing fields of technology and is changing the way that we experience the world. Join us to have the opportunity to build your own 3D virtual reality environment using the A-Frame Javascript Library. Upperline Code instructor Taylor Want will show you how to build, animate, and modify interactive shapes and structures, and by the end you'll have created your own virtual reality world! Please bring a fully charged computer with the Chrome web browser installed!