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Academic Programs


Academic Programs

Internship Opportunities

Admit Hero Content Intern

Become a writer for Admit Hero, whose goal is to empower and inform high school students. Specifically for high school seniors and older. 


Bloomberg seeks candidates with an interest and knowledge in finance, technology, and business. High school students are open to apply.

Brooklyn Bots

Work as an intern for Brooklyn Bots, a company that brings hands-on experience with robots to younger kids.

Changing The Present

Flexible internship (full year, part time, summer, weekend) with a focus on Medical Research and non-profit work. For high school and college students.

Computer Science Resources Document

A document entirely composed of college-level courses and resources.

Flatiron School Summer Assistant

Apply to be an assistant at the Flatiron School, which teaches students computer programming. Check seasonally for opportunities.

Girls Who Code

Various internships and jobs at Girls Who Code. Usually seasonal.

MakerState Maker Internship

Be a teaching assistant who guides young students in engineering and design. 


Internship for high school and college students. Either a summer or semester-long opportunity.

New York Hall of Science Career Ladder

A trainee/mentorship opportunity that occurs throughout the year. Specifically for high school and college students.

NYC Ladders for Leaders

A program that is a part of the Summer Youth Employment Program. It provides internships to NYC youth through an application process.


A software development internship that aims to increase diversity in the workforce. Participants work closely with mentors and companies in the tech industry. Must be 18 years or older to apply. 

Summer Qamp

Apply to be a software development intern through the Summer Qamp program. Available for students age 18 and older.


Teen Career Connection - West Side YMCA

A summer program that places students in internships in various fields and focuses on leadership opportunities. For high school grades 10-12.

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ACE Mentor Program

Join an ACE Mentor team during the academic school year. For those who are interested in architecture or engineering and are in high school.

American Museum of Natural History After School Program

Multiple STEM-related sessions throughout the school year. For high school students. 

American Museum of Natural History Science Research Mentoring Program (SRMP)

A summer mentorship program that occurs during the last three weeks of August. Available for high school students grades 9-12.

ANNpower Vital Voices

A short summer workshop/training program that focuses on leadership skills. Available for grades 10-11.

The Avenue

A leadership program for high school girls that occurs from September through May, every third Saturday of the month.


A program that hosts monthly events where high school girls can visit top tech companies. Sign up to receive updates.

Code Now

A computer science program that occurs on weekends during the academic school year. Specifically for high school students.

Computer Science Summer Institute at Google

Spend a summer at one of Google's offices. The program is specifically geared towards those who are interested in computer science and programming. It is available for graduating high school seniors.


A summer STEM program/summer camp located in Syracuse, New York that works to close the tech gender gap. For high school girls.

Generation Giga Girls

Full year and summer data analytics program that builds skills in mathematics and technology. For ages 14-17.

Girls Who Code

A 7-week program for sophomore and junior high school girls that teaches various computer science languages and gives girls exposure to the professional tech jobs. There are also GWC clubs throughout the city that teach the same curriculum.

GOALS for Girls

A STEM and leadership 6-week summer program for eighth and ninth grade girls. There are also various events and programs throughout the year.

High School Engineering Awareness Program at Manhattan College

A 10-day or 6-day program in the summer for rising juniors and seniors who are interested in various forms of engineering.

Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES)

A six-week science and engineering program for high-school seniors.

NCWIT's AspireIT

A mentorship program for students in grades K-12 who are interested in computing.


A 6-week summer program for high school junior girls that explores mathematical and physical sciences.

Pace University STEM Collaboratory NYC

A summer program for rising high school 10th-12th graders. Focuses on app development, problem solving and design thinking.

Rockefeller University Outreach Program

A 7-week summer mentorship program that focuses on science research and biomedical discovery. For age 16 and older.


Apply to be a U.S. ambassador and have the chance to meet girls interested in tech from the Middle East and North Africa. You will also have the opportunity to take an iD Tech course without pay.

YWCA-NYC Geek Girls

A STEAAM program that occurs every Thursday from October 1- December 17. For ages 14-18.

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Academic Programs


Online Resources

Annenberg Learner

Learn the basics of micro and macroeconomics through specific units.

The Basics of Saving and Investing

A teaching guide on investing. 

Change The Equation

An informational website that summarizes the needs and opportunities for STEM in your state.


An organization that creates courses and exercises in programming that are catered towards K-12th graders.

Code Avengers

Courses in multiple different tracks. Although payment is involved, there is a free trial where no credit card information is required.


Learn to code in a variety of languages.


A website that teaches computer programming concepts through interactive gaming.


A platform to create fun projects called "pens" using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

The Code Player

Small projects that teach animations and interactive components that can be incorporated in a website.

Code School

Online courses in multiple programming languages, including Ruby, Javascript, HTML/CSS and IOS.

CoderDojo Kata

Various introductory learning resources in the computer science field.


Practice exercises in Java and Python.

Coding Websites Library

A list of coding websites that have been categorized by specific languages.

Computer Science Before College

Webpage that has an overarching list of computer science resources at every level-- from elementary and middle school to college. The site also has computer science scholorships and opportunities for women under the resources tab.


Take free, online courses in any topic from multiple prestigious universities.

CS Lectures

Access free computer science lectures from Stanford, MIT, and other prestigious universities. 

Developing iOS 9 Apps with Swift

Free Stanford course on Swift through iTunes.


Economic and personal finance lessons for K-12th graders. 


Online courses in all topics; search for a specific interest.  


Short, general summaries about the various fields of engineering. 

General Assembly

Courses and offerings in design, technology, data, and marketing.


Coding challenges for multiple languages. HackerRank is also commonly used for technical interviews in CS.

High School Economics Topics

A bulleted list of economics topics and specific information on each one. 

Huge Collection of Open Courses

A list of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and various online textbooks that are used in different universities.

Khan Academy

Learn how to program games or animations, or creating websites with HTML and CSS.

Learn Economics Through Online Courses

A collection of MOOCs, open courses, and textbooks used by universities, all under the field of Economics.


Learn Java programming language concepts and algorithms by solving challenges.

Learn Python the Hard Way

Text-based tutorials in Python. It includes study drills, Q&As, and guiding images.

MIT Economics Courses

 A list of free economics courses through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Money Instructor

Learn fundamental business and finance skills.

Mozilla Developer Network

Tutorials, exercises, reference guide and demos for beginners learning web development.

The New Boston

Get any type of video tutorial in computer science and business. 

Practical Money Skills For Life

A general, introductory finance curriculum for 9-12th graders. 

Practice- It

Great exercises for practice in Java.


Courses in various programming languages that are broken down into manageable exercises. 

Raspberry Pi Resources

Beginner exercises and projects to make with raspberry pi.

Ray Wenderlich

Video and written tutorials for mobile app development, including Swift, iOS and Android.

Coding practice in more than 30 languages.


A programming language that teaches the fundamentals of computer science.


Learn SQL (Structure Query Language), a programming language designed manage databases and to store and retrieve data. 

Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift)

The official guide from Apple to learning Swift.


A STEM educational program that teaches coding, game design, and graphic design. 


A collection of programming resources that are free for one to search through.


Free online courses, Nanodegree programs, and projects from beginner to advanced levels


Online courses in all topics; search for a specific interest.

W3 Schools

A wide array of tutorials and references for HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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