It all boils down to education and accessibility and role models. There aren’t enough women entrepreneurs because they don’t see enough women entrepreneurs ahead of them and successful. -Anu Shukla, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur

Girls are underrepresented in fields such as engineering and computer science in part because of the lack of educational opportunities offered to girls in stem fields at early levels. It’s incredibly important to have women in high level positions of the work force as diversity adds to a company’s innovation.

Many of the opportunities for high school students to learn beyond the classroom and make connections in the business and tech fields are extremely expensive. Those who are unable to buy these classes and internships are not given the same kind of access to learning as those who can afford them.

Fortunately, there are free or low-cost programs available for high school students to expand their knowledge in areas they are already interested in, as well as to develop passions in new fields. It is easy to lose sight of the importance of learning for learning's sake in the competitive atmospheres of many high schools today, which is a part of what we are trying to fix.